Reflections EP 13 - Sami Yusuf & Dr. SH Nasr İlk Gösterim

It’s a true honor to have Seyyed Hossein Nasr as my guest on ‘Reflections’. Dr. Nasr is one of the most influential Muslim scholars in the world. He is a rare polymath, whose vast body of work covers the most important areas of contemporary thought from classical philosophy, sacred art, Islamic science, Sufism, and critique of modernity to interfaith relations and the environment. In this interview he discusses the significance of the current pandemic, the roots and implications of the ecological crisis, and the need for sacred and traditional music in our world.

An eloquent lecturer and author of over 60 books and several hundred articles that have been translated into all major languages, Dr. Nasr is currently University Professor of Islamic Studies at The George Washington University in Washington,

DC. The quest for knowledge that — to quote him — “liberates and delivers from the fetters and limitations of earthly existence” — continues to be the central concern of Dr. Nasr’s intellectual life.

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